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Gabriele Boyd's partners:
a successful concept

With Luxury applications on
site or via pre-programmed
online sales

Whether as a spa, anti-aging centre, wellness oasis, hairdresser, beauty clinic, make-up artist or cosmetic studio: the Beautyconcept by Gabriele Boyd of high-profile technology + care products opens up extraordinary options for you: as an on-site beauty event, as a treatment in the studio and as a long-term beauty program for your customers and guests. For buzz with profit. Both options in combination are ideal for the expansion of your offer.

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Option 1

Luxury application on-site with revolutionary technologies and products

Offer your guests and clients an unparalleled beauty and well-being experience. Whether it's firmer, flawless, smooth skin, smaller pores, vital, strong hair or a reduced circumference on different body parts.

Practice staff, beauticians and spa managers receive comprehensive training from Gabriele Boyd on the use of the equipment, implementation of the concept and the treatments.


Beauty workshops all about spa technologies and suitable products on site can lead to a higher frequency of visits to your spa, studio or institute. Even after a stay with you.

Option 2

Continued purchase of the Home Spa equipment + customer loyalty

Find out how you can use our beauty concept with smartphone-sized devices to build long-term customer loyalty and automatic follow-up sales. Even if guests have departed - and would like to continue their care at home, for example, in order to obtain the top anti-ageing results.


Maintain customer contact via the appropriate, specially developed systems - without your own investment or warehouse. Thanks to delivery by our partner company to the end customer.


Our modern marketing tools effectively support you in this promising customer care - e.g. with personalised online shops, apps for creating offers, various discount codes or regular zoom spa sessions.

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Effectiveness of our beauty concept - preliminary talk and 10-minute trial treatment

Our beauty concept has already inspired hundreds of thousands of customers. The secret: its adaptation to individual customer needs. We show you the proven effectiveness of the technologies and products in a 10-minute trial treatment - depending on the location, also on your site.


In a preliminary talk - e.g. via Zoom - we clarify your needs and explore your goals in order to design the right concept for you and offer you access to a revolutionary business opportunity

Gabriele Boyd:
professional trainer
and partner for your beauty concept

For many years, I have very successfully supported a wide variety of companies when it comes to offering customers and guests an individually tailored beauty and care program. In doing so, I rely on proven concepts, patented and world No. 1 home spa technologies and specially developed products. Or in short: the best of nature and science. Read more about Gabriele Boyd and her beauty concept here.

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