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Private Clients

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Feeling younger, more beautiful and having more vitality: with Gabriele Boyd

Thanks to revolutionary No. 1 technologies & excellent beauty concept

Exceptional cosmetic products made from rich ingredients and revolutionary technologies for their application - our concept combines the best of both worlds. For your beauty.

Within a short time, our patented and award winning technologies can work - and from the comfort of your own home: and you will experience visible rejuvenated look and beautification of your skin and hair.

High-quality products and technologies

As an expert for well-being, I have never been interested in products which have a short-term effect, but only in goods with long-term top result. That's why I rely on the highest quality product ingredients - such as ageLOC, FirmPlex, hyaluron, peptides, bioadaptive plant extracts and ethnobotanicals, to name just a few. In addition, I rely on award winning devices that deliver active ingredient combinations deeper into the skin, thus guaranteeing improved absorption and stimulating collagen production. Read more about the function of our cosmetic devices and the quality of our products.


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Your wish determines the treatment and products

The Beauty Concept by Gabriele Boyd offers special effects in many ways:

  • Anti-aging - visible rejuvenated look and beautification of the skin, among other things with galvanic fine current.

  • Skin tightening 

  • Optimal deep cleansing of the skin, also with two sense motion technology in only 2 minutes

  • Against impure skin, pimples, large pores, discolouration’s

  • Treatment of lines & wrinkles

  • Long, beautiful eyelashes

  • Appearance of cellulite

  • Brittle or limp hair or desire for healthy looking hair

  • Tonified skin

Trial treatment, use and sale of the devices

Via  you can purchase equipment and products directly in the online shop. Contact me for your special welcome offer. I inform you about the application of the cosmetic devices, give further tips and a lasting support via YouTube Tutorials and regular Zoom Spas. I show you how to treat the sources of skin ageing, enjoy the feeling of better absorption and achieve fantastic results in a short amount of time. 

Would you like to have an appointment and a possible sample treatment? With Pleasure!

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Expert and companion to
                 more beauty and well-being

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As an internationally recognised and successful marketing expert in the beauty, anti-aging and in the wellness sector, I am happy to answer all your questions. Read more about Gabriele Boyd from Switzerland and her beauty concept here.

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